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Are BoostSuite Ads the same as Remarketing Ads?

Last Updated: Jun 06, 2016 09:59PM EDT

No, remarketing ads are purchased directly through Google and can only show your ads to people who have previously visited your website. For most small businesses, that’s a pretty small audience.

BoostSuite Ads include your own audience, but also expands your pool of prospects to include the online audiences of your co-marketing partners too.

BoostSuite user Dr. Larry Shapiro of was only able to show remarketing ads with Google Adwords to 8,082 people. BoostSuite Ads increased his total reach to 273,165 targeted prospects.

Additionally, remarketing ads are only shown to people who have already visited your website, many of them have already made the decision not to work with your business. BoostSuite Ads are shown to prospective customers, who have shown interest in purchasing products or services similar to yours, but most of whom have never heard of your business.

Because prospects targeted by BoostSuite Ads are new prospects for your business, it’s common to see higher clickthrough rates with BoostSuite Ads then with remarketing ads.

For BoostSuite user Rhonda Williams of, BoostSuite Ads targeting generated clickthrough rates 135% better than remarketing directly with Google Adwords.
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