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What makes a great ad?

Last Updated: Aug 25, 2016 09:29PM EDT
BoostSuite Ads is designed to help you reach a more qualified audience. However you will get even better results if your ads are specific, relevant, attractive and empowering.

Ads are made up of a headline, web address and two description lines

Here is some information about how to make a great ad.

BoostSuite Ads are made up of three parts:

1. Headline - this grabs the customer's attention
2. Web Address 
3. Two Description lines - these help your ad to stand out and let the customer know what they might find if they click on the ad. Each description line should stand on its own without the need for the other.

Ads are shown in three different ways using these 3 components:

Version 1 (first example above):
Description 1
Description 2

Version 2 (not shown):
Description 1 and Description 2 on same line

Version 3 (second example above):
Headline and Description 1 on same line
Description 2

So how do you write an ad that will work for your business?

Be Unique
Do you offer free shipping? Do you carry all the latest items? Do you have the biggest selection? Be sure to highlight the products, services and/or offers that let your company stand out from the competition.

Use A Call-To-Action
If you are selling something- be sure a customer knows they can buy it. Use strong calls-to-action like purchase, call today, order, browser, sign up, get a quote, etc. These will all signal what the customer can do next. 

Include Sales Terms
Help your potential customer make a decision to visit your site. If you are having a sale, have a special discount available or carry an exclusive product, be sure to let them know.

Match your ad and your landing page or homepage
Be sure that the experience that your customer has when the click on your ad continues when the arrive on your website. Any products, services or promotions mentioned in the ad should be on the website when the customer arrives.  You might lose your visitor if they don't find anything that matches what the ad was promoting.

Check for common mistakes
Ads with grammatical issues are going to be ignored by potential customers. Avoid extra spaces, CAPITALIZATION, strange or unclear urls, overused punctuation!!!! Just to name a few. Here are the guidelines that Google publishes for all ads using their network.


An ad for a BoostSuite user that follows many of our best practices

Do's and Dont's
Here are some specific items you and watch out for to make sure your ad gets approved and is effective:
  • Do not use all caps except for Acronyms or if a brand name is spelled with all caps
  • Do not write your entire ad in all caps
  • Do not use an exclamation point (!) in your headline
  • You are only allowed to have one exclamation point (!) in your two description lines
  • Do not put your business name in the headline - better to put a description of your products or services
  • Do not put your url anywhere is the ad - it will automatically be added.
  • Do not make a single sentence out of description line 1 and description line 2. Each should stand on its own.
  • Do check your spelling
  • Do avoid extra spaces
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