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Connecting Your BoostSuite and HubSpot Accounts

Last Updated: Jan 23, 2017 12:34PM EST
*BoostSuite Article Exchange is no longer available in new accounts (older accounts only)

The BoostSuite integration with HubSpot puts your co-marketing program on auto-pilot by enabling a direct connection between BoostSuite and your HubSpot blog.

When you accept a trade request from a partner in BoostSuite, or when your trade request is accepted by a partner, the partner’s article is instantly published to your blog in HubSpot.

Use the new Publishing Preferences option to send partner content to your Drafts folder in HubSpot instead of publishing it live immediately. This is a great way to add those finishing touches, including optimization and a feature image, before your co-marketing partner’s content goes live on your blog.

Follow these seven steps to connect your BoostSuite and HubSpot accounts:

1) Log in to BoostSuite at by clicking LOGIN at the top right corner.

If you don’t yet have a BoostSuite account, sign up free at

2) Click Co-Marketing > Tasks then click the Gear icon at the right to open the Content Sync Settings dialog box.

3) Select HubSpot from the Website Platform drop-down list.

4) Enter your HubSpot Hub ID in the Hub ID field. Here’s how you can find your Hub ID inside HubSpot. Click Save.

5) You arrive at HubSpot where you can click the blue Authorize button to complete the connection. HubSpot may first require you to log in to your HubSpot account if you aren’t already logged in.

6) You are sent back to BoostSuite. Everything worked correctly if you see the message “Hey, we like your style. But…”

Congratulations, your BoostSuite account is now connected to HubSpot.

What should I do next?

Click Co-Marketing > Article Exchange then click the Write Article tab to write (or paste in) your first article in BoostSuite.

If you’ve already added at least one article in BoostSuite, click the Trade Article tab to request trades with new partners who will publish your article on their blogs.

Optionally, you can adjust your HubSpot Publishing Preferences in BoostSuite. Click Settings > Profile > Publishing Prefs.

Select Yes or No then click Save Preferences to save your preferred setting.

Selecting “No” means partner articles are instantly published live on your HubSpot blog when you accept them in BoostSuite, or when a partner accepts your trade request.

Remember, BoostSuite never posts to your blog without your permission. Only content you explicitly approve in BoostSuite will be auto-published to your blog.

Selecting “Yes” means partner articles are not published live, and are instead delivered to your HubSpot blog as Draft posts in the Drafts folder.

You’ll still need to log in to HubSpot, edit each post as desired, then schedule it to go live. You’ll then need to return to Co-Marketing > Tasks in BoostSuite to complete the appropriate task by pasting in the final published post URL.
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